Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet the Teacher Night

Last night was Eli's "Meet the Teacher Night" at Asbury Preschool. I was so excited for him to actually get to go in the school (we drive by a lot) and see his classroom. I was so glad to see that he was placed in the brand new room they built that is very large and spacious. There are a lot of different areas for play and learning. We met his teacher Miss Ladonna, who seems very nice and is the same teacher I observed last year when checking out the school. He was a little shy towards her at first, but by the end went up to her to tell her goodbye and that he'd see her Tuesday! He had fun playing cars with the other boys. They had popsicles available for everyone and both kids really enjoyed them! Eli was very happy to get to try out the playground to make sure it was fun! He had a great time! We have some "getting to know you" type sheets he gets to fill out this weekend about himself. A new season is beginning!

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