Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Flight

Marrying Brandon I knew there would be a struggle between us dealing with him taking our kids up flying. Of course, me being the careful NON-risk taker I am totally against it. Brandon, on the other hand, started flying gliders with his Grandpa when he was 10 (without his mother's knowledge might I add). These experiences sparked a love for flying that ended up with him getting his pilot's license straight out of high school and going to Purdue to pursue aeronatical engineering and mechanics. His goal was to build airplanes, work on airplanes, and support airplanes. Within Cessna, he has been able to do all three, and he loves his job. Every time we have flown airliners Eli has had a blast. He loves every second of it. Brandon finally reapproached the subject with me on taking Eli up in a Cessna a few weeks ago. Even though I am still wary, I had a lapse of sanity and told him he could take him up once, hoping it would get it out of his system. They went last night for Brandon's birthday. Eli had the time of his life, and I think sharing this experience with Eli was probably one of the best moments of Brandon's life. Brandon and his friend/coworker Tom took Eli up in a Cessna 120 and taught him about flying. They even taught Eli how to steer and Eli was able to take over and fly the plane and did great! He loved turning the plane. He told me all about it when he got home and informed me this morning that, "I am a pilot now...not Eli anymore!"

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