Thursday, September 1, 2011

16 Months!

Cora will be 16 months old this week! We are transitioning more and more into the toddler phase and are moving farther and farther away from our little baby girl! At 16 months she is:

1. TALKING like crazy! She puts two words together and is saying a lot of phrases. New words include: Happy, cup, clap clap, bug band, string cheese, gum, trash, cranky, park, bark, stinky, apple, mine, fruit snack, hugs, spankin, naked, clock, pig, cow, duck, kitty, blue, red, yellow, green, back, calm down, jump, jumping etc.

2. Acting like a toddler! "NO!" is her favorite word and she whips her head away from you as she says it. Totally dramatic! It's really hard to not laugh. If she doesn't get her way she will cry or throw a fit. Welcome to the terrible twos! I call her "sassy" or "sassafras" a lot. That is just what she is!

3. Loving jumping on the trampoline into blankets, putting marbles in the marble run or tube, doing chalk or bubbles, holding the rabbit, going to the pool and jumping from the side, playing doctor to her dolls, making her dolls burp, walking to the playground or park, putting her face in the water and blowing bubbles, etc.

4. Eli's little tag along! She rarely plays with toys because she is constantly following him around and wanting to do whatever he's doing. They love wrestling, playing cars, doing marbles together, and running around the house. She chases him trying to kiss him or grabs him around the waist from behind yelling "BACK!". They run and giggle together or bounce like kangaroos. Both kids love wrestling with Brandon. Eli's nickname is "Eli the eliminator/trash guy...taking out the trash!" Cora's is "Cora the destroya".

5. Loving all the cheesy kid songs like "Lord's Army", "If you're happy and you know it", "Father Abraham", and all the nursery rhyme songs. She loves wathing Elmo's World, which I allow for about 20 minutes a day so I can get chores done or supper cooked. She calls Elmo "Momo".

6. She can count to 3 and has counted to 5 once!

7. Saying so many phrases. If you ask her where something is she'll say, "I don't know" or "I know" and take you to it.

8. Loving doing puzzles! She really likes a farm puzzle we have.

9. Able to wear pigtails! Her hair is finally long enough I can put it up into little pigtail fountains. Usually I stick an adorable bow or clip in it when we go out! I love brushing her hair and fixing it. It is so fun!

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Debra Worth said...

She talks WAY more then Christopher! I guess that is a big difference between an active girl and a laid back boy.