Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of school!

Eli has his first day of preschool today! I have been so nervous waiting to see how he would do and whether he would like it. We had speech this morning then rushed back across town for school! I've talked a lot to him about it over the past few months explaining what he would do, that he needed to listen to his teacher, etc. He definitely looked a little unsure as we went in, but his teacher Miss Ladonna immediately guided him to his cubby and bookbag hook and got him involved in a coloring activity at the table. I snapped a few pictures, gave him a kiss, and headed for the door! There were a couple of kids crying, but Eli didn't shed a tear! I came to get him a little early and saw the kids out playing on the playground. Eli looked like he was having fun and when the teacher told them it was time to go inside, he was one of the first to go get in line (whereas I saw a couple of boys run and try to hide and escape the teacher because they didn't want to stop playing). I was really proud of him! When I picked him up he came out the door saying, "Mom, I did REALLY GOOD! I listened to my teacher!" Miss Ladonna told me he did great! I am one proud Mommy! He told me his teacher was nice and when I asked him if he wanted to go again he answered in the positive! He had fun! I am planning on attending a bible study at my church while he's at preschool, so I am looking forward to that and spending some alone time with my beautiful daughter!

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