Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Jim Corman had a farm...

We joined my sister's family at the farm Friday night and Saturday. The kids were in heaven! The weather was incredible, so we spent all day just lounging outside having fun. The kids rode the 4-wheeler, explored, had a tea party in the lilac secret garden, enjoyed swinging/spinning on the tire swing, and smothered the kittens with love! Cora and Eli both loved the kittens! They are at that adorable fuzzy and playful stage. Cora got a little rough (picture her trying to pick them up by the neck, squeezing them, and choking them) and she would get SO mad if the kitten left her. There was one little kitten that especially bonded with Eli, and he spent the whole time snuggling and playing with it. He would roll around in the grass and the kitten would chase him. It was so adorable! Eli has officially decided he wants to live at the farm! The beautiful scenery and country air did us all some good!

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