Thursday, May 12, 2011


Now that Cora is officially one, I have started cutting feedings and pushing whole milk in her sippy cup instead. She really likes her sippy cup and is doing well drinking out of it, so that has really helped. She is down to nursing three times in the day. She was nursing twice in the night, but over the past couple of weeks we have cut BOTH feedings. This week we just decided to end it. She has been sleeping so much better and almost sleeping through the night and it was time. The first few nights were a struggle. She's woken up once each night this week and we have rocked her with her pacifier and "Miss Kitty". She was not too happy about not getting to nurse. I think the first night she fussed for around 40 minutes. The next night it was a TWO HOUR struggle. That night both Brandon and I kept taking turns until we finally got her down. I'm proud of myself for not giving in. This is one of those "not fun" parenting things you just have to do. Last night, I am happy to report, she didn't even wake up until 3 a.m. and I rocked her for less than 5 minutes before she was happily sleeping. No fussing! My milk supply is dwindling and I am so happy! I have had wonderful nursing experiences with both my kids (besides the bad pain that always comes at the beginning, clogged ducts, and mastitis...ha ha) and am so fortunate that I was able to nurse and that both my kids were great at it. Neither of my kids have ever had to have formula of any kind, and it's so nice just to go straight from breastmilk to whole milk at a year! I know many aren't so lucky! I have been taking prenatal vitamins + DHA for FOUR years because of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and nursing! It is going to be very strange to stop taking them. Over the next three weeks I will slowly cut out the last three feedings and we should be good to go!

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