Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day

I am very preoccupied this week with Cora's birthday party coming up and my Grandma doing forgive my lack of posts. I had a glorious Mother's Day this year. I couldn't stop holding and snuggling my two little blessings and just thanking God for them. I also was just praising God for the wonderful Godly women in my life! I am so thankful for my incredible mother, Louise Corman, my mother-in-law, Donna Judson, my grandparents, Eleanor Buck and Barbara Louks, and my sisters Rebecca Isaacs and Brittnie Bragg. They are all wonderful mothers or grandmothers and I am forever grateful for their influence in my life. For the first time ever, Eli cooked me breakfast! He was so excited! Brandon cooked eggs and put Eli in charge of the toast. It was so rediculously cute. He put the bread in the toaster, and when they were done, buttered them. We couldn't stop snickering because he just loaded the toast with butter. He was so proud and I really enjoyed my breakfast! Brandon had to lead worship, but instead of resenting it, I truly enjoyed the morning with the kids. Eli has moved back up to the older Sunday school class at church and is doing great! The comments from his teacher afterwards (about how wonderful he was and how excited they were to have him back doing so well) were a Mother's Day present in itself. When I inquired what he learned he said, "Jesus loves me!" Also in the car ride home he said, "Celebrating MY Mommy today!" What a sweety! I gave the boys a "to do" list of chores I wanted them to do and they picked up Olive Garden for supper. Another "present" for me was the fact that Cora finally has enough hair for BOWS! I am thrilled! It was a wonderful day and I never wanted it to end! P.S.-Eli did amazing at swimming lessons this week (he wanted Brandon to take him so I didn't get to watch) and had no problem doing them on his own without us being in there with him. The teacher even made a point to come out and tell Brandon how wonderfully he did! YAY!

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