Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cora's Birthday Party

After a very rough sleepless week grieving and my Grandma passing away, it was time for Cora's birthday party. I had to literally just put all of my emotions on pause and focus on what I had to accomplish to make it a special day for her! The kids were SO excited for their family to come visit! Brandon's parents, his grandparents and aunt from Arkansas, and Brandon's sister's family from Texas all came up for Cora's birthday party. It was so wonderful to see how much Eli appreciates and loves them all. Cora (being her shy self) was actually quick to warm up to everyone and had a great weekend. We had quite a few friends join us for the party as well: the Horsts, Racchinis, Childress, and Owens families came. The theme of her party was "You are my sunshine!" We had sunflowers on the table, yellow streamers and balloons, yellow sun cookies, punch, and sunflower cupcakes. For food we had Texas brisket, jalepeƱo sausages, cream corn, and Mark Owen's homemade salsa. It was a wild party with the kids playing everywhere having a ball! We sang Cora "You are my Sunshine" and "Happy Birthday" while she ate her cupcake! She enjoyed all the attention. She loved opening presents and was thrilled with all her new loot (she got new hair clips/caboodle/brush, a sun dress, a doll, tons of clothes, a purse, and a percussion set). It was so much fun celebrating my little girl and sharing the joy with our friends and family. It was been a wonderful year! I really am so grateful to God for all the support we have and for giving us Elijah and Cora! I feel like our family is just absolutely "perfect"!

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