Saturday, May 7, 2011

Swimming Lessons

I was super nervous getting Eli ready for swimming lessons, but all he showed was excitement! I was afraid he wouldn't be able to sit still on the side of the pool or wouldn't listen to the teacher. He was placed with a teacher and 2 other little kids for the lesson. He listened SO well to the teacher and did exactly what she said. Unfortunately though, they told me they don't like the parents to stay in the room. I watched for a little bit and then left. BIG MISTAKE! He totally freaked out that I wasn't there and eventually ended up getting out of the pool and sprinting as fast as he could to the door he saw me leave from! At that point, I said screw them and stayed in there the rest of the time. As long as I was there he was fine. I am really proud of him because he did so well swimming! The teacher said she could hardly believe it was his first lesson because he did so great. She said he could do everything she suggested. I'm curious to see if they'll let me stay this week????

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