Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cora's birthday

We started off Cora's real birthday by singing her "Happy Birthday" as we walked in her room in the morning! When Eli came down he immediately told her "Happy Birthday Cora!" and he kept saying all day, "Cora turning ONE today!" I played her favorite songs all day so she could dance and have fun. We listened to Cee Lo Green, Adele, and her new personalized cd. She was dancing all day! In the evening, we had friends over to celebrate with a delicious meal. Paisley and Cora played and we all had a good time visiting. We officially do not have a "BABY" anymore! Our good friends Tanya and Chris Horst were induced on Cora's birthday, and she had her baby girl Sophie Noelle on Thursday. We are so thrilled! Now Seth, Jesse, and Eli can play and Cora will have a little playmate too! I watched the boys on Friday while they were still in the hospital. We had a great day! All the kids played so well together, and I manged to get all four kids in the double stroller to walk to the playground. It was surreal watching our good friends drive off in their van with their THREE beautiful kids!

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