Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cora is 1!

I am going ahead and posting Cora's 12 month update a day early because I am so busy this week! We had a little birthday party for her last weekend with my sister's family since they won't be here for her other birthday party. Cora ate her sun cupcake and enjoyed all the attention! There are just no words to describe how blessed I feel having Cora in my life. She puts a smile on my face on even the gloomiest of days. The first time we saw her we immediately noticed how big of a baby she was compared to Eli, and how much her big blue eyes and identical nose reminded us of her brother. The first few days, weeks, months it was so exciting to get to know her and discover her wonderful personality. At first I had a hard time understanding her...honestly I found her somewhat boring (in a fabulous sort of way). It was strange going from a fire cracker extremely passionate child to a laid back, happy-go-lucky observer. Don’t get me wrong, she was like a breath of fresh air, but not what I was used to. One thing is for sure though, we have all been in love with her from the moment we met her and she has been the absolute perfect addition to our family. I absolutely and utterly delight in everything she does. The older baby stage/beginning of toddlerhood has been SO MUCH FUN! She is charming, funny, more passionate, joyful, and so sweet. I love watching her with Eli and their interactions. It is fascinating how quickly she learns how to do new things or say new things just from watching him.
1. She is amazingly musical and will sing and dance all day long if we let her. She shuffles back and forth on her feet and waves her arms while dancing. She loves her new personalized CD we got her for her birthday and hearing them sing “Cora” throughout it!
2. She will say “gibberish” sentences and actually will chew me out in baby language if she doesn’t want to do something I tell her to (like sitting in the bath tub). She does the correct facial expressions with the “gibberish” talking, so it’s hilarious!
3. She can climb stairs! We have a new baby gate up to keep her from going up to Eli’s room on her own. She also has learned to back down the two stairs at the bottom that aren’t blocked.
4. New words include, “Knock knock”, “Dog”, “Moo”, “Night night” “Bye Bye Dada”, “Hosanna”, “Cat”, “Tricked ya”, “Snack”, “Yes”, and “Gentle”
5. She can stand from sitting without holding on to anything.
6. She will throw small tantrums by running, crying, and throwing herself on the ground and sometimes throwing her head into the ground when she doesn’t get her way.
7. She chipped her front tooth on one of many falls she has during the day! Dentist says he would do nothing about it, and I’m glad it’s only a baby tooth!
8. She is not as much of a “mama’s girl” like she used to be and will go to Brandon equally, but will only let me deal with her in the night.
9. She is sleeping SO much better, and only nursing once or twice in the night.
10. She will smack her lips at you if she wants a kiss and gives MANY kisses and hugs throughout the day.
11. She loves wrestling, playing hide and seek, and playing “monster” or chase.
12. She will color with chalk or a pencil.
13. She is getting her 9th tooth (a molar) we think.
14. She loves playing dolls and barbies and rocks, dances, and kisses them.
15. She LOVES phones! She will try and sneak mine whenever she can and actually drooled on it and broke it the other day.
16. Whenever she sees Brandon in the morning she immediately starts waving and saying “Bye Bye” for him to go to work. When I tell the kids that Dad is home from work, they both start screaming and running for the door. She will run as fast as she can yelling and waving her arms and wants to be held by him the second he walks in the door.
17. She has a comfort object named Miss Kitty and still sleeps with a pacifier. She likes snuggling stuffed animals as well.
18. She absolutely loves reading books, and if I am sitting down, she will bring a book, back up until she is right in front of my lap, and then plop down ready to read.
19. She will run and turn on the bath tub faucet and then run away giggling.
20. I think from being around a boy so much, she is fascinated by girls. She will walk up to random girls wherever we are and try to be friends with them. She loves cousin Korey and plays with all the little girl babies in the church nursery, especially Avary Owens.
21. She loves food of any kind!
22. She is starting to wean and doing fine with it. I have cut a couple of feedings and will be introducing Organic Whole Milk soon in her beloved sippy cup that she can’t get enough of.

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