Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Eli has really enjoyed the snow! He built a snowman with Brandon, and Cora even got to join in on the fun. We're supposed to get more snow today, so he'll be thrilled if he gets to go sledding again (he's gone twice so far). A couple days ago the snowman started melting. I was curious to see how Eli would react. I cautiously told him that his snowman was melting. He peeked out the window and started laughing and laughing because the snowman's head was melting off and it looked hilarious. I kept saying, "Your snowman's HEAD IS MELTING OFF!" and he would laugh and laugh. What a goof! Today we had our first Parents As Teachers home visit. A very nice woman came and brought toys for the kids and introduced me to the program. She will come once a month and keep an eye on the kids development. Eli is going to be evaluated next month at our meeting. It's a free program through the school system, so I'm really glad they finally have a spot for me! Last night we went and got Eli's birthday present a month early. We bought him a year membership to the beloved Exploration Place. He asks to go all the time (he goes once a month to a Partents as Teachers play group for dads there). We will definitely be getting our money's worth! It will be a great outing on these cold miserable days!

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