Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cora Walking

Here's even further proof of Cora walking! She is a "get into everything" type baby and is already making messes and going after small chokable things. She will do anything to get to something she can't have! All it took was a bribe with one of Eli's marbles to get her to walk across the basement! Today she even walked on her own from the little play kitchen to Eli's marble maze trying to get to it. It's going to be moved soon, so it's blocked by the baby gate. Poor Eli! He's going to have to practically hide to play with his toys without being bothered. ?I really delight in my kids. It's been a joy getting to know Cora and watching her sweet personality imerge more every day. I treasure the alone time I get with each of my kids because they are so different and I get to be a "different" type of parent with each one of them. Tomorrow I am actually going on a tour at the preschool I want to put Eli in. I can't believe it! I think it will be wonderful for him to get away a couple times a week and be in a different environment. I'm praying that it will be a wonderful experience next year and not a struggle!

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