Thursday, January 20, 2011


I've definitely enjoyed having another GIRL around the house. I still enjoy just sitting in her pink room amongst her dolls, dresses, and her one barbie and revel in the fact that I had a girl. The irony is that Brandon wanted to have girls, and I wanted to have boys. Let's just say after three years of active adventurous boy and playing with balls and other boy toys nonstop, I am thoroughly enjoying GIRL things. Cora oozes sweetness from every pore in her body. I lucked out on having two extremely affectionate kids! YAY! She gives lots of kisses and will grab her dolls or barbie and give them kisses too. It is adorable! She is our little dancer, as well. It doesn't matter what music it is (it could be cheesy baby toy music) she starts grooving and clapping. She really feels the music! It has brought me a LOT of smiles. Eli finds it quite amusing, as well. It's fun to see Eli finding her as "cute" and "funny" as we do.

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