Wednesday, January 5, 2011

8 months old!

My little girl is 8 months old! She gets more wonderful every day! She is loved by all and loves everyone dearly. At 8 months she is:

1. WALKING-She took her first steps at 7 1/2 months, and now at 8 months can take around 6 at a time.

2. Clapping-especially when I'm trying to feed her and she smacks the spoon

3. Waving-I've been working on "hi" and "bye"

4. Starting to eat meat. She has actually been sleeping better since she started meat at supper time and I've been giving her a snack of rice cereal before bed, which has helped as well.

5. Has been sleeping terrible, but has actually only been up once or twice the past two nights, which is the best sleep I've had in 8 months!

6. A total Mama's girl! If she sees me...she wants me. She reaches for me all the time and lunges for me most of the time. She will rarely reach for Brandon or anyone else.

7. Still in separation anxiety. If I leave the room she has started crying. She does not want to be alone.

8. Was babysat by her Grams and Papa Judson for the first time. I was away from her for around 6 hours (most of it she was sleeping) and she did great. She took a bottle and handled it very well.

9. Cruising-She loves cruising on the couch or the little kitchen set. She also loves pushing her walking toy around the basement

10. Pulling up!

11. She has her two bottom teeth. It's already changed how she looks. I know the top two will really change her looks!

12. She is still just the sweetest thing. She gives great snuggles and hugs and is starting to give "kisses" when I pucker up.

13. Still says "Nana", "Dada", and "Mama". I've gotten her to say "Bye bye" maybe once. She will scream to get your attention, or growl.

14. She is also dancing now! If she is sitting and she hears music she rocks back and forth. It is hilarious!

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