Friday, January 14, 2011


I was extremely nervous yesterday to go visit the Asbury Church preschool. My main criteria in picking a preschool was that it was within five minutes of our house (there are two I found and considered), a small child to teacher ratio, that the teachers had education degrees, and a fun curriculum that included a lot of crafts/art/playing. Since my kids aren't in daycare, they dont' really get a lot of opportunities to be with other kids, so I really think it's important for Eli to go to preschool for the socialization above all else! I was more than thrilled with the director and tour she gave me. She went over the kids daily schedule, which includes: a chapel/worship time, circle learning time, snack time, free play, outside play, art, etc. It was very organized and she showed me a couple kid's portfolios that showed their improvement on coloring, attributes, cutting, comparisons, etc. I actually got to go into a classroom for a while and have everything explained to me while the kids played and were taught. It was fun! I really am SO excited for Eli! I'm turning in all his enrollment papers today, and the director told me they are looking forward to having him next year...YAY! They have an open door policy meaning parents can come and be a part of things anytime they want, and have tons of fun days and fun activities for parents to be involved. I've been telling Eli about preschool and he is understanding the concept completely and seems like he's up for the idea! Uncle Will babysat him yesterday and he asked me if Uncle Will could go to preschool with him. He also said Uncle Will has "nice shirts". Every day he says something funny now! I can't believe my little boy is ready to start school! It just really blows my mind!

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a great preschool! I love Eli's Animal Drummer shirt!! Where did you get it?