Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Learning Time

During Cora's morning nap, Eli has a "learning/fun time". It is amazing how much he is learning on a daily basis and how quick of a learner he is. He is literally a sponge just soaking up everything I teach him. We do all the things that are hard to do with baby sister around. He chooses an art/craft type of activity like playdoh, coloring, writing, cutting, etc. Then, we do some sort of fun game like Candy Land, Memory, etc. Then, we work on "school". He just loves it! Every day he says/does something that we just die laughing about. The other day our furnace went out and Brandon was down working on it. He saw something coming over his shoulder and looked back. There was Eli in sunglasses (because he'd heard me mention it was dangerous, so he put on eye protection) and he had a ratchet in one hand and a socket in the other ready to help Dad. He LIVES to help Dad. He just follows him around wanting to help him in any way. It's a beautiful thing!

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