Friday, October 1, 2010

No nap = NO TIME!

I have not had a second to think, write, or live this week! The kids were a little off the past few days and neither of them took their long afternoon naps. I think it was some sick joke they were playing on me. I pretty much do everything during their long nap: blog, housework, supper, and relax a little. Needless to say, it was really rough not having that time to get things done. The beautiful weather and Brandon helping out with the kids a lot when he came home kept me sane! We did enjoy a great outing to Cessna yesterday. It definitely was the highlight of Eli's week. He just loves watching the airplanes take off and land and loves to eat lunch with Dad! There is no tooth. I could feel the top, but it's still under the gums and I can't see anything, which means it could be months until it comes through. I have no idea what was causing the sleeplessness. I'm wondering if it was a growth spurt? Who knows! As you can see in the pictures, she is sitting up wonderfully. She is so proud of herself and loves being able to see everything better and watch Eli and Rica! We actually have lows of almost 40 this weekend! Eli, for once in his life, has been cold in the mornings and wants to get his pants and long sleeved shirt on quickly! Then, he wants a little snuggle to get warmed up for the day. Fall is here for good!

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