Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cora 6 months

I thought I better stay on the ball and do Cora's 6 month post, even though it's a week off! First though, I have to mention a funny comment by Eli. He was crying because he needed my help with something. I said, "Eli how are you supposed to ask Mom for help?" Eli replied, "Trick-or-treat!". NOT QUITE! Cora tried on her Halloween costume tonight. She is going as some kind of fairy...pretty cute if you ask me. Cora is still a mellow wonderful baby. She is full of smiles (especially for her brother). At six months:
1. She can roll from stomach to back AND this week started rolling back to stomach
2. She can sit on her own very well and is able to get to her stomach easily from sitting
3. She is super ticklish
4. She is not a very talkative baby.
5. She still isn't making any consonant sounds (no Mama or Dada in sight)
6. She is eating rice and oatmeal cereals for breakfast and butternut squash and acorn squash for supper (she should be starting peas and sweet potatoes next week)
7. She blows raspberries if she gets really excited about something
8. She is on her 6th cold since birth (BOO)
9. She thinks Eli is the best thing in the world and smiles and laughs at him all day
10. She is definitely laid back compared to Eli (thank God)
11. She looks and acts like Brandon
12. She's down to taking 2 or 3 naps a day
13. She still is sleeping terribly at night, but since we are all sick Brandon put her in bed with us the other night and she slept ALL night (now at least we know she can do it)
14. She loves reading books and enjoys trying to tear or eat Eli's more advanced books
15. She is our little "watcher". She is always aware and observing what is going on
16. She has bright blue beautiful eyes
17. When someone talks to her she does this shy thing where she buries her face into my shoulder
Overall, she is developing into a beautiful, sweet spirited little girl! We are so grateful to haver her in our lives.

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