Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jacklyn's Birthday

We hosted my parents and my sister's family this weekend! It was the first time the kids had stayed here and they had a ball! The kids played with all the toys, music stuff, and had fun riding bikes

outside. Brandon took them on rides around Riverside in the bike trailer, which they loved. We all dressed up and wore boas and jewelry out for a tea party at Cup'n'Saucer for Jackie's birthday. It was so much fun to watch the girls drink tea and have a new experience. It's so fun to have girly time! We also had a barbecue, games, and presents for the birthday girl. Afterwards, we let the kids practice trick-or-treating (because they've never gone before). Eli loves this game! He can say, "trick-or-treat" and it is SO cute! Today, the kids all went and played on the sand bar near our house. Destin came home with his pockets full of snails. Such a boy! We all had a great time, and I was so sad to see them go!

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