Friday, October 15, 2010


Eli is officially sleeping up in his new airplane room! He's doing wonderfully going up and down our newly carpeted stairs and loves the glow in the dark stars Brandon put up on his ceiling. He was so excited for his Grandpa to sleep across the hall from him last night and was hoping to hear him snoring :-). I still have decorating plans for his room (model airplanes hanging from the ceiling, a Cessna poster, etc.) but at least we've transitioned him up there! It's an awesome room filled with eight windows, lots of space, and he loves it! Brandon took today off from work to paint Cora's new room (Eli's old room on the main floor). We're doing a light pink with the black furniture. I think it is going to look awesome! My best friend Courtney and I went to a Michael Bolton concert this week. She had been given free 5th row tickets. We were the only ones there under the age of 50, which we had a good giggle about! We had a BLAST! His voice is still amazing and the concert was so much fun! With two kids still sick, this was a much needed night out!

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