Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday little brother!

My baby brother Will is 22. CRAZY! It seems like just yesterday he was wiping boogers on me, beating me up, and farting on my face :-). We threw a little birthday bash for him last night. We had some of our cousins and his friends over for barbecue and an ice cream cake. Eli was excited ALL day for Will to blow out his candles, so Eli helped him! He was a good sport. The funnest part of the party was the moment when Will discovered the new motorcycle my dad had bought him in our garage. My dad traded one of his bikes for a bike Will has always wanted and just stuck it in our garage for him to discover. Will took one of his friends out to see my dad's motorcycle and SURPRISE there was his new bike! Needless to say, I think he had a great birthday. It was wonderful to spend time with my cousins and refreshing to have some fun. Today the 700 layoffs took place at Cessna. Our best friends made it through, but several of Brandon's old coworkers and his old boss were laid off. It's a very morose day there. On a brighter note, Brandon won an award at Cessna last week and he got a gift card to P.F. Changs. Maybe in 18 years we can actually go on a date and use it :-)!!!!!

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