Monday, September 27, 2010

5 months

I can't even say 5 months without tearing up. What happened to my little snuggly newborn? It's just surreal. I'd forgotten how exciting every single day is the first year. It seems she changes overnight! At 5 months she:

*Can sit on her own for a pretty good chunk of time
*Can go from sitting to her stomach without hurting herself
*Has scooted in a circle one time
*Rolls from stomach to back
*Tries to roll from back to stomach but hasn't quite made it yet
*Laughs and laughs
*Is extremely ticklish and it is fun to torture her to hear those beautiful giggles and squeals
*Loves reading books with Eli and grabs at the pages (actually ripped one last night...oops!)*Takes 3 naps and always sleeps a 3 hour nap the same time as Eli :-)
*Loves grabbing hair
*Still is up at night a lot
*Grabs her feet
*Blows raspberries, especially when she gets excited
*Loves playing on her stomach
*Loves ALL things can just see the adoration in her eyes
*Enjoys our daily walk, as long as we keep moving
*Will reach out for you if she wants you to take her from someone (the other day she wouldn't come to me...she wanted her daddy!)

She is such a beautiful bundle of joy! She has a mild personality and will sit on my lap and enjoy her surroundings. Eli always had to be moving, so this is new to us! We love you Cora Eleanor Judson!

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