Monday, October 11, 2010

Double rainbow

We got to enjoy a double rainbow in our backyard last night. The second one wouldn't show up in pictures because it was so faint, but we all enjoyed God's beauty! All of us have colds, and I have an ear infection that is keeping me up at night, but I've kept a great attitude throughout it all! Every day Eli is making funnier comments. He is just SO cute. Last night when we were reading about Jesus he said that Jesus was crying because he had a boo boo and his mom had left him to go get a hot dog. Seriously? On our walks, we've started our official leaf gathering. He pretty much tries to bring home every leaf he can find pretty or not! When we got home he brought a few leaves inside and kept saying, "Leaves die....water!" He wanted to put them in water to try and save them. So stinking cute! Cora just thinks she is a big timer. She tries to do everything Eli does, and when I help her do it she is just so proud of herself. She honestly thinks she is keeping right up with him. If he jumps, she wants to jump too! It is just so adorable! Eli is back into a terrible separation anxiety phase again. One of our friends said they had the same thing happen. We've been having issues at church and home. If Brandon has to go somewhere in the evening, Eli will literally cry for an hour. Saturday, when I went out to lunch with my cousin and to get my bridesmaid dress exchanged Brandon said he cried for two hours. I've been talking about it a lot with him and trying to help him understand. When we come home he'll tell us he cried and missed us and want us to hold him and snuggle him for a long time. I just keep reminding myself that it's just a phase!

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