Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is coming!

Eli and I are in heaven....we actually are having beautiful sunny weather for once! I have crocus blooming in the front yard, which is always a great sign. Eli went around smelling them yesterday. It cracks me up. Today we've already started in on the chalk, basketball in the garage (where his old goal is), sandbox, etc. He didn't even throw a huge fit (which I was expecting), when he had to come back in to take a nap. Probably the promise that we would head back outside the second he wakes up helped! Eli had a canker sore yesterday and was miserable and spent most of the day whining etc. Brandon took him on a "man date" last night just to give me a break. I asked Eli when they got back what they did and this was his response, "Guitar, drums, and HOT!" I translated this to mean they went to the music store and played the instruments and went to the Keeper of the Planes monument by our house to see the big fire pits going. So cute!

Eli had his 2 year appointment on Tuesday morning. He absolutely loves our doctor now. She always gives him a baggy of homemade cookies (seriously) or treats after his appointments and takes the time to play catch with him when we go. She also gives him a new book when he goes. It's wonderful that he's old enough to understand that a shot just hurts for a second etc. He had to get his LAST "baby" vaccination and didn't even cry. We also had to go to the lab and have his finger pricked to test for anemia etc. He didn't even cry then either! What a brave little guy. I was so proud of him. He was charming the socks off of everyone in the waiting room....waving at everyone and showing off with his ball. Every where I go people just rave about how cute he is. Of course! Eli weighs 26 lbs now (which is the 25th percentile) and is 33 inches tall (11th percentile). He is moving up in the world!

Brandon and I had a date to see Rain the other night, which is a Beatle's tribute. It was great to have a date night and we really enjoyed the wonderful music of the Beatles, as well as the news/tv footage from the 60's.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday to check on Cora. Everything is still going great. I am back to having a lot of fatigue again like the first trimester, but it's here and there so it's easier to deal with. Cora's heartbeat was 138 again and he thinks she's positioned at an angle (sort of transverse) but possibly head down instead of head up like Eli was. For some reason my babies don't ever want to enter into the birth canal...probably from the shape of my uterus/pelvis. I'll be having a sonogram on the 17th (yay for St. Pat's Day), so I'm super excited for that! Can't wait to see my baby girl!

P.S.-they are repairing our roof finally this week! What a mess that has been, but I'm looking forward and appreciating having a GREAT company helping us this time. I'm super excited to have this done before Cora's born and have time to repaint/fix the damaged interior!

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