Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We have enjoyed a whirlwind of family time this past week! Saturday we went out to breakfast at our favorite Riverside joing, Copper Oven, then hit up the St. Pats parade by our house. We've never laughed so hard in all of our lives. There were the weirdest most interesting people in it. Eli had a blast! He got some candy, stickers, and beads. My mom surprised my sister and I with a girl's night out at a fancy restaurant Bel Ami and then staying the night at the Castle Inn (which is located at the end of our street). It's this beautiful castle they've turned into a bed and breakfast. I've never seen the inside, so it was a blast. We had hor dourves, desserts and coffee, and a great breakfast. We also enjoyed triple solitaire until bed! So much fun and a much needed get away. My sister had an interview in Wichita yesterday, so I'm praying she's offered the job and enough money to move here! It would be so much fun to have both my siblings here. We tilled the garden last night after our walk. I need to get my potatoes and broccoli planted this week!

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