Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Potty practice!

Today we had a sonogram! Cora is doing great and everything looks wonderful. She is positioned head down (that's a first for me) with feet to my right side. According to measurements, she weighs around 4 lbs 12 oz. WOW! That was a lot bigger than I expected. We got to watch her open her eyes and could see her eyeballs looking around. Amazing! I can't wait to see if she looks like Eli or looks more like a Judson. I'm so excited! Her heartbeat was 140 (still low compared to Eli). I'm extremely relieved to get one last look at her before she's born and to have double checked she's doing well.

My mom came down yesterday afternoon on a whim to babysit for us so we could go on a date. We have limited time left for these excursions before I'll have a baby attached to me at all hours of the day. We went out to eat at Olive Garden, shopping at Target, Old Navy, and hit up Starbucks to relax and talk. It was wonderful and we were still able to get home to put Eli to bed. Today my mom spent all day cooking bierocks and empanadas to freeze for my recovery after Cora's born. What a blessing! Our freezer is stocked! I'm going to make a double recipe lasagna this week and freeze one of them, and I think that might be all we have room for. She also transplanted some day lilies for me. She is the BEST MOTHER EVER!

Eli has been using the potty every night before and during his shower for almost 2 weeks. He does it on his own now. I just take off his clothes and diaper and he goes directly to his potty and pees standing up before getting in the shower. Then, during the shower, without prompting whenever he has to pee he just walks over and uses it! He probably pees in it about 3 or 4 times a night now. Even last night when my mom was babysitting he walked over to the potty by our bathtub and went before his bath. We're still going with the method of waiting for full potty training until he's closer to 3, but letting him use it when he wants to. Every time he pees he claps for himself and is so proud. It's encouraging to me that maybe it will be easy when the time comes to do a full out potty training...or he could lose interest. Either way, I've seen that he gets it and can feel when he's going to pee and is proud of himself. Score!

After our walk this evening, I ran out and planted the potatoes. I'm trying two different red varieties this year, an early and mid. It feels great to plant them on St. Patricks Day!

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