Thursday, March 11, 2010

Night crawler anyone?

We found the biggest night crawler ever while playing outside after the rain. It was the size of a small snake. Eli loved playing with it. Poor worm. I think it might have gone to worm heaven after about the 10th time he dropped it. We finally said "Bye bye" to the worm and put it in the garden so it could go down in the dirt to its worm hole home :-). Brandon's mom is here (they are at the Bon Jovi concert right now), so Eli has been soaking up the attention. He calls her "Donna" because he can't say Grams. It's hilariously cute. We went up to Cessna for lunch so Brandon could show his mom his office etc. Eli enjoyed the planes as usual and the chocolate from his coworkers. One more rainy day and we should be back to our Spring outside routine. Wish me luck as we have to adjust to a time change this weekend!

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