Sunday, February 28, 2010

Balls, balls and more balls!

Eli had a great birthday this week! I took him to lunch at Cessna and a TON of airplanes were landing and taking off, so he was in heaven. When Brandon got home we headed to Chuck'E'Cheese for pizza and games. He rode a couple of the cars but mainly wanted to do the Pop a shot! At one point, he had attracted a crowd watching him swish baskets over and over again. That's my boy....always a basketball in his hands. He loved it. I taught him to hold up his two fingers (for him that's his thumb and pointer finger) when asked how old he is. He's such a cutie. Thursday night we had an accident. Eli ran and his finger when directly in Brandon's eye. I could immediately tell it was scratched (having scratched mine twice before) and Brandon was suffering, so he headed to the eye doctor and found out he had a nike swish scratch that covered his entire eye. It's already better, but was uncomfortable for a while. The doctor joked that Brandon got beat up by a toddler! Last night we had a family night out to Pei Wei and Marble Slab for ice scream. Eli was a joy! I've been enjoying his new words of the week: Tick Tock and Doggy. I just ordered our double stroller online. Big sigh of relief!

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