Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Single Motherhood...

Don't worry, Brandon and I aren't separated or fighting, but I did get a taste of single motherhood the last three days. Brandon went down to be with his family in Texas for a few days, so it was just Eli and I holding the fort down. We survived! My brother did come in the evenings and spent the night in case I went into labor or something (I only have one month left). I love having him here in Wichita! I feel really good about the fact I managed to cook good meals, clean, and do lots of fun activities with Eli on my own. I tried to do some fun outings (mall play place, playground, shopping) in the mornings while it was still chilly, and then we spent the afternoons and evenings outside. We had a great time but definitely missed Brandon! It's been beautiful the past week, so Eli's been out "helping" me water the plants. He carries around his little watering can watering all the plants, rocks, flowers, and anything in sight. He does go up and water specific things he sees me do (like the strawberries, or day lily transplants), which is so adorable. He was thrilled (as you can tell in the above picture) to get to go barefoot for the first time this season! Oh, what joy I receive from watching him experience new and wonderful things! This afternoon starts my weekly doctor's appointments. I can't believe I'm ONE MONTH away from my c-section. Praise God!

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