Thursday, March 25, 2010


Eli loves cows! He mentions them all the time and loves to play pretend and "feed" the cows. My mom stopped by on her way home from Tulsa the other day and she had him "feeding" cows dandelion leaves in the back yard FOREVER! Every time my parents leave he says they are going home to feed the cows. I was laughing so hard the other day when my mom left and at first he said she was going to the farm to take care of the cows, and then he said she was going home to play hide and seek with Bum. So cute!

He's come down with a cruddy cold, so I've been grateful that the weather has been nice enough he can still play outside and be distracted. The hit of the week has been his new slide that we put in the grass in the back yard. He likes for Rica to attack him when he gets to the bottom. If she is off doing something else he'll gesture for me to call her over, so he can play with her. They are best buds. For the most part Eli is gentle with her. Once in a while he'll try to hug or snuggle her and I have to remind him to just pet her GENTLE.

He's been having another language burst. I'm so excited! All this week he's been jabbering away in little sentences (that don't make sense). It's adorable. Sometimes he'll combine a bunch of words that don't go together in a sing song voice. Today he tried to say "yellow" and "lasagna". Even Brandon has been commenting every evening about Eli's little sing song sentences. It's just been so amazing to watch his development over the past two years.

I have to share a funny story. With Eli, every day is an adventure! We were eating lunch and I went to grab some fruit out of the fridge. I heard Eli let out an ornery giggle. Curious I went back to see what he was up to. He was just sitting with this huge grin on his face pointing at my glass and giggling. I peaked inside.....there was a green bean floating in it. He was quite pleased with his little joke. There are just times I can't help but laugh. It happens a little too often I'm afraid. I love him so much! I love sharing every day with him and creating new adventures and experiences for him!

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