Monday, March 22, 2010


After two inches of snow this weekend (seriously!), Spring should be returning this week, thank God! I bought twelve broccoli plants to plant today, and can't wait for Eli to get to pick and eat one of his favorite veggies later this summer. We've spent the past week finishing up baby projects. Brandon has been working on fixing all the damage from the leaks and is ready to paint tonight. I dusted and vacuumed out both cars, finished washing all of Cora's clothes, and organized everything into her closet. Hanging up those little dresses was a joy! Eli and I hit up Target for some pink bins to keep things even more organized. It looks great and feels great to be ready! We also added a little algae eating catfish to our fish tank. Eli named it "Boy". Eli has been babbling and saying funny things a lot now. While Becca was here he started saying her dog's name "Tina" and would clap for himself after he said it. He has a few words that we keep trying to figure out and he laughs at all our ideas for what it could mean. Who knows! He keeps calling me "Mamba" and thinks that's funny.

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