Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome beautiful weather!

I have spent the past week in heaven...well actually just outside in the glorious weather. I realized this week that it's difficult to get all the housework done when Eli and I are outside 7 hours a day ;-) I spend the first couple hours of the morning (while it's still dark and cool) cramming in as much housework as possible. I'm also trying to figure out how to get supper made, since the second he wakes ups from his nap he's asking for his shoes to go back outside! I just figure we'll be eating a little later on these nice days. Yesterday it rained all day, so this morning we went out and played in the mud, puddles, and grime. It was a blast. We even found a couple of worms. Eli was a brave soul and held the wiggling worms. He was apprehensive at first, but loved it! I love showing him new things and teaching him about them!

My parents dropped by Sunday on their way home from Florida and my brother joined us for dinner. Brandon grilled us some delicious chicken and steaks. He loves grilling and had been dying to start up again! I love it because I just make some veggies/sides/dessert and he does the hard part! Eli, as usual, treasured every second of attention from his grandparents. They both got in bed with him and snuggled him when he woke up in the morning, and then he wanted me in there too...so I crammed in! Eli showed off his singing skills with his new song he likes to sing that my mom taught him...let's just say it goes, "Oompa, loompa, oompa, loompa". So cute!

We are getting closer and closer to this little baby being born. I'm praising God that I still feel so good. Of course I have my moments, but for the most part I feel great! A little bit of back pain here and there etc. but nothing major. It's been wonderful to get back into our walking every day. I think it's really helping me! Speaking of walking, our double stroller came in the mail. Eli loves it! He's been wanting me to wheel him around the house in it. So far I love it. I even put Cora's car seat on it with Eli just to make sure it would work and pushed it around. So far so good! It's going to be a great workout pushing both of them for walks.

Brandon finished up several outside projects over the past week. I came home on Saturday to find him and Eli building a fence to seal in our privacy fence (eliminating the small gate to make it safer). Eli was putting the screws in the holes and helping Brandon drill them in. He loved it and will show off to anyone who asks the exact piece on the fence he helped with!

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