Friday, April 2, 2010

He is RISEN!

I am really feeling the Easter spirit right now and humbled and thankful for what Jesus did for us. I've been talking to Eli about it, so if I ask him, "What did Jesus do on Easter?" he responds by putting his arms up in the sky waiting for me to say, "He ROSE from the DEAD!" I'm looking forward to all things Easter this weekend. Unfortunately, my sister is really sick with the flu so they aren't going to be able to make it but the rest of my family is coming for the weekend. I baked a raspberry cream cheese cake today and am going to make Amish potato salad tonight in preparation for tomorrow's barbecue. We're going to dye eggs and do an Easter egg hunt in the yard with Eli. Of course, we'll also do the traditional baskets on Sunday, as well as church and brunch. We should all take bets as to whether Eli will let me put a dress shirt on him Sunday. He's getting more picky about shirts with buttons. Little stinker!

With the weather being nice and doing more time outside we are having a lot more injuries! In one day, he got a fat lip/bloody gums, goose egg on his forehead, rug burns on his arms, skinned knee, and more. Yesterday, he cut his toe. I told Brandon I'm just praying for ONE day without an injury. What do I expect having a rugged little boy? We went kite flying last night at Sim Park (right next to our house). Eli loved it! He ran around in that open field just full of joy! He's been making sure to smell each and every flower that opens up. I love all the bulbs I planted last Fall!

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