Monday, November 16, 2009

Mother's Day surprise!

We had a whirlwind weekend with my sister and mom here. We took advantage of the time we had and had a girl's lunch at the Tea Room (our favorite girly place). We love their sandwiches, tea, and the best bread pudding around! We also snuck out and did some shopping during Eli's nap. Eli adored having them here. He demanded their attention every second! I'm sure they slept for days after they left :-) ha ha. My mom babysat Saturday night while we all went to see a movie. We saw 2012, which was entertaining and suspenseful. It did feel good to get out! Sunday night we went to our big Thanksgiving dinner feast at our church. Eli's favorite part was the praise and worship. I purposely sat in the front row so he could enjoy all the instruments. He had a BLAST! It was such a blessing to watch him dancing, clapping, yelling "MORE!" and "GUITAR!", running, and jumping to the music. He was so excited to praise Jesus! We tried keeping him in church with us for worship this past Sunday and he loved it. I think we might start trying that and taking him to the nursery after worship or if he gets restless during worship. Eli is really trying to talk more and more. He is doing much better at trying words with some prompting. This weekend he said "Belt", "Net", "Will", "Pop", etc. Really such a language burst recently! Brandon took him to the mall yesterday for an outing and let Eli pick me out a 2010 calendar. Guess what he got me....wolves. He was SO proud of it and SO excited to show me what he had gotten me. What I always wanted...ha ha :-) It was so precious. Looking ahead at the calendar I realized that my due date (May 9th) is Mother's Day. How did this slip past me until now??? Of course, I will be having a c-section at least a week before that so it won't end up being the baby's birthday, but it's still neat!

We are having a really cold, rainy, snowy week so far! I've been thinking of all sorts of creative ideas to keep Eli entertained today. We even ventured out to the grocery store so I could get supplies for meals this week before it gets too nasty. I've got chili and corn bread cooking for tonight! Perfect meal on this grungy day! This is the first week in a long time we have NOTHING, I mean NOTHING on the calendar. It will give me plenty of time to work on some projects here and there and pack for our Texas Thanksgiving trip!

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