Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Farm living!

Eli was overjoyed at being at the farm with his grandparents. He played non-stop with them and had fun! We took him to our park in Minneapolis to play both days. He had a great time on all the old and new equipment. It was fun to see my child playing on equipment that we spent hours playing on as kids. We took Eli to the State Lake for a bonfire. He spent hours throwing rocks in the lake. We roasted hot dogs and Eli saw his first water snake. It was a great evening. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the lake. My mom created all sorts of fun games, art projects, etc. for him while we were there. He enjoyed throwing rocks in my parent's pond, swinging on my dad's swing set he built for us as kids, holding a cat, and playing hide and seek with Nana and "Bum".

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