Monday, November 23, 2009

Maroon 5

Last night Brandon and I went on our much anticipated date to the Maroon 5 concert! We needed a night out that didn't involve US performing. My brother babysat (he's always a life saver). I always ask Eli the next morning what they did and he always says "Ball ball!" He loves to play basketball with Will. We had a wonderful time at the concert. The openers Fitz and the Tantrums were very good and we had amazing seats. Maroon 5 blew our minds! They are one of Brandon and I's favorite bands, so it was a dream to see them live. Everything about the concert was fabulous. We danced and sang along all night! You can't sit still to the grooves of Adam Levine! The concert was our Christmas present to each other, so Merry Christmas! I am pretty much packed and ready to head to Plano, TX on Wednesday. I'm really disappointed we won't be able to leave until lunch time, but hoping that Eli will take his nap in the car. If he doesn't it may be the trip from Hell! :-) Praying for safe travels and a blast with family! We haven't been to Texas in a long time!

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