Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let the little sunshine in!

This is a song we've HATED our whole lives because my mom would sing it EVERY morning when she woke us up in that cheery voice over hers. I think my sister has actually thrown things in a groggy state at the sound of this tune. Eli of course loves it. He likes to sing the annoying part at the end. What did I start?

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Finally it is about time to head to Texas. Banana bread is made, bags are packed, and my attempt to keep Eli entertained for 6 hours toy/snack bag is ready :-). Eli can't really make it 2 hours in the car without stopping and running around, which actually works out nicely for me since I'm pregnant. I'm supposed to stretch my legs no longer than ever 2 hours, so hopefully we'll make it happen! It could be rough people. I'm afraid traffic might also be terrible, but we'll make the best of it. No use in worrying about nothing! I'm looking forward to Texas weather! It looks like we are going to have some nice days to play outside while we are there (yes, the chalk is packed). It also appears we may come home to snow! Ug! Actually, double UG UG!

I put up some of the Christmas decorations so when we come home in December it will be partially done and not as overwhelming. Eli LOVES the little Christmas tree I put in the basement as decoration. Brandon taught him to turn the tree lights on and then turn the lights off in the room so it's dark and beautiful. Then, we've been singing Christmas carols by the little tree. So cute! He's going to be SO excited when we buy our real tree. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to making some Christmas crafts, decorations, ornaments etc. So many art opportunities for this holiday! We've been talking a lot about Jesus, and he loves to read his books about Christmas.

Eli loves to play upstairs in the guest bedroom and his "big boy room" as we call it. I have all the baby stuff organized up in his future room, so he likes looking at everything. He now will point to the car seat, bath tub, and swing and say "BREE!". He also has been practicing gently rocking the car seat so he can be my big helper (his life goal). He helps me out all the time anything from carrying toilet paper to put under the sinks, putting things in the trash, attempting to sweep and mop, cleaning up spills, and his favorite helping me stir things I'm cooking or making. He especially likes to help me do the hand mixer. He helped me pour and mix all the ingredients today for the banana bread. So precious. He always gets a lot of praise for helping and a "fist pound" or "knuckles" as we refer to it. What a joy! I have so much to be thankful for. I look around and everything I've ever wanted has come true. It's incredible. Sometimes I feel I'm just waiting for something bad to happen because it's all so good!

Will be reporting back with hopefully wonderful tales of a great Thanksgiving with family!

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