Thursday, August 4, 2011

Right now Cora is really into fixing hair! She is our little hair stylist. When Brandon came home from Arkansas he brought Cora a princess hair kit and Eli a pool. Cora will now go to her room and come out carrying her little hair kit ready to fix hair. Both kids love the little blow dryer and Cora will spend a lot of time brushing our hair and she will then declare that you are "pretty". It is adorable! She also will get out her little pretend "makeup" (which she says SO cutely) and pretend to put it on. We loved playing hair stylist when I was a kid and now I realize why my parents always wanted to feels so good! I love pretend play and to watch her imagination emerge. She follows Eli around all day wanting to be just like him, so I have pull her aside for "girl" play, which we both enjoy!

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