Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One of the greatest things about this Summer, has been the fact that Cora is now old enough to do most activities with Eli. They play together constantly. It really makes my heart swell with joy and pride. They wrestle ALL the time laughing and giggling and squealing in delight (although like with my brother and I it usually always ends with someone getting hurt), they run and spin, they jump on the trampoline, they play marbles, they do puzzles, they do an art project, they play cars, they eat snacks, they watch a video, they play dolls, they snuggle, they take walks, they go swimming, they run in the sprinkler, they do chalk, etc. Cora isn't a baby anymore and it really is showing! They are able to do so much together now. I should add that they also fight a lot, but it always ends with one of them giving the other a smooch and saying sorry. It is wonderful to watch their relationship unfold! I know they may not always be friends in the future, but I pray they will always have each other and that their bond will stay strong!

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