Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tahoe Fun

The kids absolutely had a BLAST in Tahoe! It was so awesome NOT traveling with a baby! Eli was fabulous on all flights and would raise his arms and yell, "WOO HOO" or "YEE HAW" when we would hit turbulance or take off and land. The only issue with him is that he talks very loudly and I'm sure that could be kind of annoying to someone trying to sleep. I kind of figure that anyone would prefer loud talking to screaming right?? Cora was great as well. Both kids took naps on the planes and we kept them entertained with books, snacks, and little toy surprises. I am very excited to say that neither of our kids inherited my terrible motion sickness (I can't even get on a swing without getting sick). Praise God! It was a joy to not have to deal with nursing or frequent diaper changes. It was just another reminder that my kids are growing up and I LOVE IT! Eli was thrilled to get to Reno. Eli was very excited to see Papa Buck and gave him a big kiss when he saw him. Both kids loved playing the pinball machines and player piano at his house. In Tahoe, the kids spent their time playing on the porch, catching crawdads and minnows, hiking and looking for animal tracks, smelling sage brush, playing at the park, playing at the Harrah's playplace, feeding the blue jays and squirrels, throwing rocks in the lake, digging in the sand, kyaking, floating on a floatie, and wading. Both kids warmed up to all of my family and enjoyed playing with them. Eli kept shaking everyone's hands and saying, "Nice to meet you!" It was so cute! It is such a special feeling for me to get to watch them enjoy all the wonderful activites Tahoe has to offer. I am so glad they love it as much as I do!

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