Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoo fun!

After a week of very long hours (Brandon working 12 hr days to fill in for a coworker), we enjoyed a trip to the zoo for my sister's birthday. As a mother of five kids, she is an expert on finding free outings and the special events put on by some of the museums etc. The zoo was having a free weekend, which we knew would be insanely crowded, but we took the risk and had a blast! My nieces and nephew have only been to the Tulsa zoo once in their life, so it was wonderful to see their reactions to all the animals. We all had a great time and it didn't get crowded until we left. The highlight for all of us was the lions. While we were watching them, the lion cub moved over to the glass, which the male lion was not too thrilled about. The male came over and started attacking the glass trying to protect his baby. Once this happened, we all moved back and gave him some space. It was amazing to see. I NEVER want to meet one of these in the wild. I will pass on the safari! I am so impressed with our local zoo! It really is awesome! I look forward to future visits!

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