Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Happy When I'm Hiking!

I am really happy to say that our kids are finally getting old enough to enjoy hiking! Eli was resistant to even going to Spooner Lake, but once he got there he had a ball searching for tracks and trying to figure out what animal it was (most common he claimed to find were bear or deer). He loved hiking in the aspen forrest and my mom even hid and jumped out at us pretending to be a bear (which he loved). We came across some deer and enjoyed the beauty of the mountain meadows on this traditional hike. We ALWAYS hiked Spooner Lake with my Grandma, so once again it was fun to pass on the tradition to my kids. We didn't have room to bring our backpack carrier for Cora, so we were limited to hikes that we could bring her in the stroller. We took another hike with the kids (where my brother got an end of a pine needle in his eye when he was Eli's age). It is the last place my Grandma hiked. Eli found a special pine cone that he carried the entire hike, and Cora even hiked part of the way! We spread some of my Grandma's ashes along the creek and Eli was able to help. We picked snake grass and got to show Eli how fun it is to make bracelets and ropes with it! The neatest part of hiking with the kids was introducing them to a song that my Grandma always sang while she hiked, which is "I'm Happy When I'm Hiking". By the end of the trip Eli was singing it to himself while he hiked! Talk about adorable!

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