Monday, August 15, 2011

To 3 or not to 3

We are in this struggle right now trying to decide whether to have a third child or not. Neither of us looks forward to going through the newborn phase all over again, or dealing with the stress financially or just the general chaos that a third child would bring. On the other hand, children truly are a blessing and we're both afraid we would regret it if we didn't take the plunge. At this point, we are in prayer and hoping to receive some answers. Pray for us please! I am a super practical and organized person...slightly OCD, so here is my LIST:


1. Another playmate/friend for the kids

2. A sister for Cora or a brother for Eli

3. More family joy

4. Group activites and games

5. Experiencing pregnancy again and bringing a child into the world

6. We already have ALL boy and girl clothes

7. We already have all baby supplies

8. Wouldn't have too many baby costs besides medical bills and diapers.

9. Would give me motivation to rid Cora of the pacifier and rocking, and get her into a toddler bed

10. We already have a carseat, swing, bouncy seat, bathtub, crib etc.

11. We have experienced a lot already parenting two kids with completely different personalities and know a lot of parenting tricks etc.


1. Health risks of pregnancy and another c-section (although I don't have any scar tissue)

2. Going through the newborn phase again (nursing, lack of sleep, recovery etc.)

3. Stress and anxiety of 3 kids in all aspects (cooking and day to day activities)

4. Would be harder for me to go places with the kids on my own (for the first year)

5. Would have to buy a van (even though I REALLY want one it would be a financial strain)

6. More medical bills.

7. Eli has a difficult personality and health issues and needs a lot of attention

8. One of our kids would have to share a room once the new baby was sleeping through the night

9. We would have a baby in our room again until the baby was sleeping through the night.

I realize now this list could probably go on forever! Here are at least a few of the ideas swirling around in my head! Dear God give me an answer!!!

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