Friday, July 29, 2011

15 Months

Is it just me or does 15 months sound SO old??? Cora is truly a little girl now and not a baby anymore! Time goes so quickly with two kids! She is such a delight to everyone around her; none of us can get enough of her. At 15 months:

1. She has a way of kissing where she sticks out her bottom lip in the cutest little kissy pout. She will run up to me with that little lip sticking out ready for a smooch and I just burst with love for her! She loves kissing her friends and everyone around.

2. She has learned about time out and will actually put herself there if she does something bad. She just sits perfectly still waiting for me to tell her to come out and she will go say "sorry". She has pretty much stopped hitting, but once in a while will bite Eli if they are fighting.

3. She has the most adorable sweaty curls at the back of her hair. It is the only perk of this terrible heat wave! Because of the heat and humidity her hair is always curly!

4. She loves playing hide and seek with Brandon and Eli and wrestling with them both.

5. She is currently obsessed with marbles (just like Eli) and loves to play with the marble maze. She calls marbles "bobbies". If you pull her away from her beloved "bobbies" get ready for a fit! We are finally getting out of the "put everything in the mouth" phase.

6. She still is our little singer and dancer. She breaks out the most hilarious dance moves; her pelvic thrust move always brings laughs. It doesn't matter where we are, even the grocery store, she will be dancing if there is music playing. At church the other day, she yelled "YEAH!" after one of Brandon's songs. It was so cute! She sings parts of "Baa Baa black sheep", "Abc's", "Have patience song", "Rock a bye baby" and more!

7. She is a TALKER! Since Eli was such a late talker, it has been a joy to marvel at her growing vocabulary. These are her new words/phrases of the past couple of weeks: Rice cake, my turn, mine, glasses, Jackie, flower, cool, spin, ice, butterfly, Rica, found you, hi guys, belly button, HI, insert name, HI!" Every day she is saying something new. It is wonderful and makes things so much easier.

8. She has great manners. If you give her something she will say, "Thank you" and if she wants something she will say "Please". If she has wronged you in some way she will always say "Sorry". I am really proud of both my kids manners! I feel I have succeeded in one area for sure, ha ha.

9. Cora loves all animals, babies, sprinklers, her water table, walks, the bike trailer, the Cessna pool, barbies, coloring and dolls.

10. She absolutely LOVES her cousins and squeals in delight when she sees them. She always yells, "JACKIE" and runs into her arms. They have the most beautiful sisterly connection. It makes me feel a lot better about the fact she might never have real sister. She loves playing with her friends (as long as they don't steal her toys then watch out). Her best friend is Avary Owens and she loves playing with Eli's friends Seth and Jesse. I look forward to Sophie Horst growing up a bit so they can play, but already Cora is enamored with her.

11. She is a bookaholic. We read a LOT of books and she is always bringing one to me at the worst possible times. Of course I feel guilty and read it to her anyway!

12. She loves praying and always says "mAmen" and will sometimes cross her hands at dinner.

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