Sunday, September 26, 2010


There's a reason for the sleeping madness...Cora is getting her first tooth. I don't know why it didn't dawn on me before (hello...I've done this ALL before..DUH). I can feel the little ridges with my finger but can't see anything yet. What a big sigh of relief. We had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends. We are so blessed with amazing people in our lives! My parents came down for the day and the kids just lit up with joy! They had a blast playing! Saturday night we had friends over for dinner. The Horsts and my neighbor and her daughter Mia came over (she's 4 months older than Cora). Eli loved playing with his friends Seth and Jesse and the girls were so cute together.
I was dreading church this morning. We went from Eli loving every second of it to him screaming bloody murder if we tried to leave him. It has been so frustrating the past couple of weeks. I was feeling super discouraged about it and was almost in tears when we took Eli to his class and he got hysterical and we had to leave. The Horsts were teaching the Sunday school class across the hall and offered to let him join theirs and see if it would make a difference just being in a different room than the one he got hurt in. He cried a little, but they did a great job distracting him and keeping him busy with games and snacks. When I picked him up, he gave Chris a big hug before he left. Thank you God! I left church feeling so encouraged! I really needed that! We had told Eli that if he stayed in Sunday school we would give him a special cookie and Brandon would take him to Guitar Center to play the drums after his nap. True to our word I made him some little cookies and he had a great time with dad jamming on the drums. He was really excited about his rewards. I'll be sure to remind him of that next week! My best friend Courtney came over for some girl time. Brandon did his best to keep the kids distracted so we could hang out and watch a chick flick. She stayed for dinner and we all had a blast. We all adore her! Eli even asked if he could kiss her hair before she left ha ha. She does have dark, long, gorgeous hair! Another funny Eli moment was when Brandon asked Eli, "What color are your teeth?" to which Eli replied, "White!" Then, Brandon asked him, "What color are daddy's teeth?" and Eli said, "Yellow!" We got a laugh out of that one! The more he talks the funnier it is getting!

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