Sunday, September 12, 2010

State Fair

Our band played at the Kansas State Fair yesterday. We had a great turnout (for our no name band) and sold around 14 cds. Most importantly though, I got an amazing message from someone in the crowd that I'd like to share. First, I should mention that I have been so stressed and dreading this show, not because I don't love doing it, just that it has gotten really hard with the kids. Practicing for this has been disaster. Trying to deal with the kids and do music just causes me a lot of anxiety, since Cora is a baby. Once she's Eli's age it will be a lot easier. I just have to accept that right now my kids are my ministry! Since both kids have been sick I just have been figuring I would be sick with this show and probably have to cancel because I usually lose my voice with a cold. I told Brandon yesterday that I couldn't believe I wasn't sick and that God probably really has a reason for this show. Turns out He did. Here is the message I received:

"Today me and my 2 adoptive children attended one of your performances at the state fair. My daughter who is now 27 has PTSD because of childhood abuse. She came to our home at age 13. She fit right into our family, my biological children have accepted her with open arms. We all understand that we will always have to care for her. She has never shown much emotion she does not call me mom and she has never shown much attachment to any of us. In the last 2 years there have been some very hard times and some suffering for me related to her. This has been so strong in fact and she has had so much anger (the only emotion she does freely show) that I have wondered if I was doing right by her and by me. Today at the Kansas State Fair the combination of 2 of your songs for whatever reason spoke to her, she cried! When I asked her why she was crying she told me that "Miracle" reminded her of what we all went through with the birth of Angela (my youngest child) and "Africa" made her think about some stuff and then she laid her head on me to hug me (she has only hugged me 3 other times) and she told me "I love you". She has never told me that she loved me! At that moment I had my answer to my own struggle, yes I am doing the right thing she is still growing and she has bonded to me! Her love is the most valuable gift I could ever get from her and I never believed I would ever get. I just wanted you to know that your group played a part in bringing out something in my child that in 14 years nothing else could. We bought your CD and I can tell you that those 2 songs will also bring tears to my eyes. Thank you."

Humbled and blessed is all I can say! As far as the kids go, they had a BLAST at the fair. My parents and Kurt Chapman babysat while we played and Eli had a great time! He wanted to see all the animals, so they spent their time at the petting zoo (where Eli kissed a cow's butt....yes you read that correctly) and enjoyed feeding the goats one grain at a time :-). The rest of the time he spent with the cows and sheep. It was difficult dragging him away from his beloved sheep. He didn't want to leave! My mom has all the pictures and videos on her camera, so as soon as I see them and get the photos I'll post some of him with the animals! I can't wait to see them myself!

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