Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Korey Isaacs!

We went up to the farm this weekend to celebrate my niece Korey's birthday. She is turning a whopping 4 years old! She is at that adorable stage where everything she says is SO cute and funny, and we are all biting our lips to keep from laughing our heads off! You can't help but love her instantly! My mom had planned such a special weekend for the kids. She had an animal themed weekend planned. For the party the kids got to: use flashlights to find the "escaped" pets hidden all around the yard, garden, and trees, have a pet show and win a trophy for each animal, play pet shop and have the adults all buy an animal, play pin the tail on the donkey, play instruments, dress up etc. Eli had a blast playing with his cousins. They all enjoyed swinging on the tire swing, riding the 4-wheeler, searching for the cows, having a bonfire and roasting hot dogs and making smores, having a tea party in the special lilac bush fort etc. Destin spent the weekend catching snakes and "Daddy long legs" spiders, and a stinky turtle. I don't think I ever saw him without a snake or spider. What a cutie! Cora just soaked it all in and enjoyed grabbing for everyone's faces and hair! She started blowing raspberries at my mom too. I made an extra effort to make sure to tell each kid individually that I love them and think they are so special and give them some extra snuggles! I can't get enough of these spunky kids!

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