Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Precious Isaacs

We enjoyed a quick trip to visit my sister's family in their new house in Pittsburg, KS. I've missed my nieces and nephew so bad! I already feel like I missed out on some of their childhood (considering they were just adopted 5 months ago) and I don't want to miss any more!!! The trip was great. It's about 3 hour if you stop, 2 1/2 if not. We laughed so hard because on the way there we had to stop like 4 times for Eli to poop/pee in his potty on the side of the road. What were we supposed to do? It's just a beautiful drive of trees and fields, but that's about it. There are a few gas stations but no major places to stop. It was actually my first time to drive to southeast Kansas and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Eli was so excited to see his cousins. He spent most of the couple days we were there jumping on the trampoline and playing hide and seek in their new giant house! I was thrilled to shower little miss Precious with attention and love for her 6th birthday. She soaked up all the attention and loved all her gifts, games, and fun. My mom put on a fun birthday party for her, which included a puppet show, a few games, and fishing for prizes at the end. The kids loved it! I already miss my sister, Joel, and the kids. I love their kids as if I'd known them their whole lives. It's amazing! You can see a big difference in the kids from when they got them to now. It's amazing what good care, a good home, a good school, and a LOT of love will do!

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