Friday, August 13, 2010

While Daddy's away....

Brandon had a short two day business trip to Arkansas this week. Unfortunately, right before he left both Eli and I came down sick. I knew it might be a little rough. Believe it or not, we had an awesome time! I pulled out lots of special activities and creative things to do to keep us all busy. I even made chocolate chip and walnut cookies for a special treat for Eli! Miracle of miracles I even got a shower! I told Eli he could pick out whatever he wanted for supper. His response was, "Avocados!" That's my healthy boy :-). I whipped up some whole wheat quesadillas and guacamole. That was easy. The only downfall was that Cora got sick the night he left and I didn't get very much sleep. She's been pretty fussy, but just has one sinus congested and the saline seems to be working on that. I took the kids to McDonald's playplace for an outing yesterday (since it was 109 degrees), and Eli had a great time. We were all glad to see Brandon come home last night (you should have seen the look on Cora's face when he said hi to her). She lit up like a light bulb! Brandon came home.....SICK! Sheesh. Now we're all sick and he just called from work saying he feels terrible and thinks he has a fever. Let's just say we're very glad it's the weekend.

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